Sam Niddam

UI/UX Digital Product Designer


User Experience

Users are looking for a "moment of joy". First I find it and then work backwards.

User Interface

There are three responses to great products: yes, no, and wow! Wow is my favorite.


Simple is not just beautiful, simple is the bravest form of design. Simple is amazing.



Wheels Up

Private Aviation

Wheels Up is a private aviation company whose members have access to a fleet of private planes and can book jets at a flat, all-inclusive hourly rate through a mobile app. The search, booking and checkout functions allow for multiple destinations and passengers, as well as various combinations of these.

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My Mini MixieQ’s is a line of tiny collectible characters that each offer “pop and swap” play. The My Mini MixieQ's toy figures can be customized with different headpieces and bodies. This enables kids to play with the collectible toys and create their own favorite figures rather than seek out one particular model. For the digital gameplay set to accompany this toy, we transposed this functionality to mobile and also introduced original game ideas around this unique feature.

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Morgan Stanley

Financial Services

This is an iOS financial services app that allows Morgan Stanley wealth advisors to administer their client’s investments, manage their own scheduling and oversee general client wealth and transactions, all on one singular platform. The simplicity of the app allows for wealth advisors to quickly and intuitively access all functions of their job. Account statements, appointments and client onboarding are all quickly and easily accessible with a simple tap.


Social Messaging

Sally is messaging made social, no more antiquated privacy paradigms. Sally users chat publicly, discuss topics and share their lives. It is a personal view and insight into someone’s thoughts - private messages made public.

About Sam

I'm a UI/UX Designer with a passion for clean, functional design. Skilled in a wide range of design processes, I work closely with founders and stakeholders to identify a company’s most critical design needs. These have varied from a MVP, to evaluation and optimization of an essential flow, to visual makeovers and style guides.

Using all pertinent design processes at my disposal, from ideation to complete prototypes, I devise and execute an insightful response to my client's need - and work with development teams to best implement our solution.

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